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KnightOS Wiki 16 Mar 2015

One hurdle with getting users involved in a project is that there is so much information trapped in the minds of the developers. What may seem to be trivial knowledge to a developer who has been working on a project for months may in fact be unclear to someone new to the project. For this reason, user guides, tutorials or wikis are essential to passing along information.

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The new KnightOS assembler/linker 10 Jan 2015

KnightOS has a brand new assembler, and this time a linker was invited to the party as well. Let’s introduce some of the things that make it awesome, as well as explain the motivation behind it and how it works. This post should be the first stop for anyone who hopes to contribute to the new assembler.

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Mailing list 14 Dec 2014

As part of an ongoing effort to make our project more approachable and accessible, we’ve set up a mailing list with browsable archives where you will be able to listen in on dev chatter and collaborate with the community.

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New site design 13 Dec 2014

As of today, doesn’t look like Yet Another Bootstrap Site! This isn’t a particularly newsworthy event but I feel the need to populate the list of blog posts since we haven’t really been blogging about this project.

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Porting our toolchain to the browser 30 Nov 2014

Emscripten is pretty cool! It lets you write portable C and cross-compile it to JavaScript so it’ll run in a web browser. I looked to emscripten as a potential means of reducing the cost of entry for new developers hoping to target the OS.

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